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  • Cable TV Services
  • Set Top Box Sales & Services
  • Broadband Sales & Services
  • CCTV Exclusive Channels

Servicing of all kinds of Cable TV Equipments at a highly fragmented level which includes Optical nodes, RF/Optical Amplifiers, Modulators, Receivers, Transmitters, EDFA and Directional Couplers/Splitters.

Offer last mile service to Cable TV customers to one of the metros in South India.


With over 376 including HD Channels & 16 Radio Channels of clear, reliable entertainment, Community Cable TV is the simple and convenient way to entertain your entire household. Whatever you’re looking for — movies, sports, news, music videos, documentaries, hit TV shows, children’s programming — find more of it with Community Cable Network Ltd.

You will find incredible choice, with all the elements of cinema, music, music videos, adventure, sports as well as more spirited subjects. And when you want to know what is happening closer to you, or you want to know the weather outside, CCTV is your link to your community.

  • Up to 376 channels of the most popular networks – ESPN, CNN, The Disney Channel, – and more
  • All your local channels at no additional cost
  • Free service on all additional TVs
  • On Time Guarantee and technical support right in your neighbourhood

Community Cable Network Limited can bring flexibility in the design of pay channel packages. Together we can create packages based on the requirement and our association can be mutually beneficial and value adding in terms of price and service offering. However, Community cable network reserves the final right of designing & implementing the pay channel package.

Prepaid scheme for all the packages are available for 3/6 months. Please contact your local cable operator to subscribe the prepaid package.


CCTV  Broadband service network is spread across all the cities it is present in and is constantly expanding to cover more and more areas within the city. A vast majority of our network is built through our tie-ups with Local Cable Operators who sign up with us either as our Distributors or Franchisees. As our Distributors, their role is to install our services at customer locations in their area and service the network of that area as well as get Franchisee Operators within their area of operations.

Get Community Cable Network Broadband Internet for

  • High up time link ideal for 24×7 heavy internet usages.
  • Maximum protection from Internet down times
  • To suit various business needs
  • Symmetrical speeds for upload and download
  • Business continuity maintained through 24×7 help desk support
  • Onsite technical support to solve critical issues
  • Ability to run multiple mission critical applications simultaneously


CCTV Cinema

CCTV Pradeshikam